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Plane Spotting Locations at Heathrow: Myrtle Avenue (27L)

Posted in Aviation | Heathrow Plane Spotting on Thursday 21 September 2017

This is the first of a series of posts about plane spotting locations at Heathrow. To see them all, take a look at the Plane Spotting Locations at Heathrow: Overview post. This spot is very popular giving good views of landings on runway 27L.


This is nothing more than an open area of public grassland at the end of a cul-de-sac, situated perfectly to see aircraft approach runway 27L. You see the aircraft very low and 5 seconds from landing. You face north with the sun roughly behind you, so photography opportunities are excellent.

You can also walk along the main road for 100m or so and stand directly underneath the flight path of approaching planes; quite an experience with a wide-body going over your head.

Best for views of

Landings on 27L (the southern runway used for landings when planes approach over London on Westerlies operation).

Location map


TW14 9QU


Myrtle Avenue itself is short and a dead end and often has no parking available, with yellow lines too. Parking is normally available in the next road along, Wellington Road, which is 3 minute's walk away, or on other nearby roads.

Getting there without driving

Hatton Cross tube station (Piccadilly line) is about 10 minute's walk to the North East. Buses go to Hatton Cross from a number of places including Hayes and Harlington station.

When to visit

Visit only when planes are landing on runway 27L, that is when Heathrow is on Westerlies operation (when aircraft are approaching the airport over London from East to West).

You can check when they are landing on 27L at the Twitter feed @HeathrowNoise - look for "landing on the southern runway (27L)".

Note that the airport operates on Westerlies around 70% of the time and so aircraft land on this and 27R most of the time. They swap from one to another at 15:00 daily to give residents some noise respite.


No facilities, it is an outside space. There is a sheltered hedge behind the spotters which offers some protection from the wind and a place to relieve yourself, if you choose to.



Photos and videos taken at the spot


Myrtle Avenue - great road to live on if you're a plane spotter! And see what I mean about parking. The green open area is ahead and to the left.


An Emirates A380 landing at Myrtle Avenue


A couple of spotters track a BA 747 coming in to 27L at Heathrow Myrtle Avenue

A BA A380 landing at Myrtle Avenue. At the end of the short video you can see all the spotters lined up with their cameras.


9/10 - in my opinion there's no better place to spot at Heathrow, excellent views from here but it loses 1 point for the lack of facilities.

To see more Heathrow plane spotting locations, take a look at the Plane Spotting Locations at Heathrow: Overview post.

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