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Dorney Lake - London 2012 Olympic Rowing Venue

Posted in Miscellaneous on Saturday 23 June 2012

A week before it closed its doors to the public, we visited this local lake to take a look at its preparations for becoming one of the venues for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Constructed and privately-owned by Eton College, it is managed by Dorney Lake Trust, the registered charity which operates the lake site.  Normally visitors can enter the site and wander round the rowing lake.  But it closed on 18 June 2012 to enable final London 2012 preparations to be completed. (It will re-open after the games). The photos show the preparations in progress.

We are lucky enough to have tickets for the rowing events and are looking forward to seeing some of the action!

The lake is 2000m long, here is the 250m mark

Temporary seating being put up near the finish line

We think this marks the finish line

At the top of this scaffolding is one of the enormous screens to relay the action to the spectators

Temporary seating on the south side of the lake....doesn't look strong enough to hold all those people to me.....let's hope I am wrong

The rear of some more seating (see how high the back row are?) and another screen

All the screens are towards the finish line, let's hope some more are put up closer to the start which is where standing ticket holders will be

Power cables

A temporary stand, for TV cameras I believe

A temporary weather station

The main lake is on the left, on the right is the return lake which allows boats to return to the start line without using the main race area

One of the bridges over the links between the main and return lakes

The start area

Looking from the start down the 2km rowing lake

We are not sure what these markers at the start are, there is one pair for each of the 8 lanes. (EDIT: They are so the boats can line up and go off straight from the starting line, simple when you think about it! Thanks The Palmer Arms!)

This is an enormous high temporary tower at the start end - perhaps for aerial TV shots?  (EDIT: There is going to be another tower at the finish end, they are 93m high, they are for a fly-cam camera to track the action down the course - thanks Burnham Advertiser). In the foreground is the new perimeter fencing.

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