Random thoughts of a Maidenhead man


I am Paul Baker, a man living in Maidenhead, about 20 miles (32 km) west of London, UK.

I divorced in 2017 after a 17 year marriage and have 2 young adult children, one of each.

My work life is based around web development – I have been working for myself since 2001 and currently code in PHP/MySQL. I have been making websites of various shapes and sizes since 1996, near the beginning of time in terms of WWW history. I currently prefer to use CMS Made Simple, a really flexible content management system which clients seem to love. This blog runs on it.

I’m a keen cyclist, with 4 bikes, and I often go for both recreational and utility bike rides. I lead rides for a local cycling charity.

I really enjoy playing badminton. I am also a member of, and treasurer of, a local choir.

My music taste ranges from James Taylor, the honey-voiced singer-songwriter, through to progressive house.

Oh and I’m 6′ 6″, or 2m tall. Which is nice.

I am an only child and I lost my Dad in 2012 and Mum in 2015.

About this website

I use this blog to post about anything that takes my interest; you can see the category list on this page. Sometimes it's a long post with detailed information, other times it's a little note which is too big for Twitter.

The visual design for this blog was inspired by vCard Blogger Template by Templatism. It was built by me using the Bootstrap framework. It runs on CMS Made Simple.

The background photo is the very lovely Cliveden House, a National Trust property close to me in Taplow, Berkshire.

Me elsewhere on the web

I generally choose the username maidbloke on web services (Maidenhead bloke, get it?) My social network of choice is Twitter but I am also on Facebook which I visit occasionally. You can find me by clicking the links in the colourful header. My latest tweets appear in the footer below.

web developer | father of 2 | cyclist | badminton player | choir singer | twitterer | aviation geek | only child
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