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Qatar A350 first visit to Heathrow Airport

Posted in Aviation on Sunday 11 January 2015

Today my son and I took the opportunity to visit Heathrow and see the first visit of the Qatar A350 Airbus plane.  It arrived around 2pm on runway 27L and we joined perhaps 100 other "avgeeks" to see the beauty land.

The aircraft was A7-ALA. It was moved to Heathrow for some noise trials prior to starting scheduled service in a few days time.

Here's the photos I took.

Approaching over trees of Myrtle Avenue

Airbus A350 approaching LHR

Qatar Airbus A350

Pretty shaped aeroplane!

I like the distinctive shape of the nose

There were lots of plane spotters at Mytle Avenue, at the end of runway 27L

The A350 heads towards touchdown

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