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Plane Spotting Locations at Heathrow: A4 Premier Inn (27R)

Posted in Aviation | Heathrow Plane Spotting on Tuesday 6 February 2018

This is another post of a series about plane spotting locations at Heathrow. To see them all, take a look at the Plane Spotting Locations at Heathrow: Overview post. This post covers a popular spot giving good views of landings on runway 27R.


This is a Premier Inn hotel with a car park, accessed off the Bath Road A4 which runs East-West just to the north of the airport boundary. The hotel is at the top right hand (North East) corner of the airport and gives good close-up views of aircraft approaching runway 27R. You see the aircraft very low coming left to right and 5 seconds from landing. However you cannot see them land because a multistory car park is in the way of that view just to your right. You face south with the sun roughly in front of you, so photography is sometimes tricky because of the light.

Best for views of

Landings on 27R (the northern runway used for landings when planes approach over London on Westerlies operation).

Location map




The hotel has its own car park. You can park there as a visitor, the charge is approximately £2 for 2 hours. The payment system is one of those cameras that reads your number plate, and you type in your plate at the machine at the end of your visit. The payment machine is just inside the hotel's main entrance on the left and it takes cards and contactless payment.

Getting there without driving

TfL buses 81, 105, 111, 222, H98, N9 go past the door on the A4. Check out bus route details here.

When to visit

Visit only when planes are landing on runway 27R, that is when Heathrow is on Westerlies operation (when aircraft are approaching the airport over London from East to West).

You can check when they are landing on 27R at the Twitter feed @HeathrowNoise - look for "landing on the northern runway (27R)".

Note that the airport operates on Westerlies around 70% of the time and so aircraft land on this and 27L most of the time. They swap from one to another at 15:00 daily to give residents some noise respite.


This is a hotel so the facilities are excellent. Toilets, a coffee bar, a restaurant and bar are all available. Check out the hotel website for full details. The best place to spot is from the raised grass area next to the car park but this might be tricky to get up in a wheelchair. Great views can still be had from the car park itself.


£2 or so for parking.

Photos and videos taken at the spot


A spotter gets a great shot of an Emirates A380 approaching the runway


An Iberia A340


A close-up view of this Etihad A380 for this young spotter


Looking away from the airport back to the car park and hotel main entrance


A Cathay Pacific Cargo 747, quite a rare spot at Heathrow

Malaysia Airlines A350

A Malaysia Airlines A350


7/10 - facilities wise, you can't ask for anything more, however the south facing view (giving relatively poor lighting for photos) lets it down and the lack of view once the aircraft pass you.

To see more Heathrow plane spotting locations, take a look at the Plane Spotting Locations at Heathrow: Overview post.

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