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Cycle: Maidenhead to Cookham on NCN 50

Posted in Cycling from Maidenhead on Tuesday 28 April 2020

This is a simple cycling route that takes you from Maidenhead to Cookham using National Cycle Network route 50 (NCN 50). We are using all of this short route and connecting to it from a park in the south of Maidenhead.

Much of the route is off-road on compacted ground. Some quiet roads are used where there is no alternative. The route is suitable for all bikes and all abilities.


Route map - click to view the route on the Strava website

The Basics

Length: 8 km / 5 miles each way
Time: About 30 minutes each way
Type: Off-road
Bikes: Any
Difficulty: Easy
Hills: None

Route Description

Starting in Braywick Park, Maidenhead, this cycling route initially follows The Cut, a waterway. We are following a route known as The Green Way and The Cut changes to York Stream in the middle of town, passing the town's distinctive library. The route then goes through The Moor, heading north to connect with National Cycle Network route 50 (NCN 50). This carries on through North Town Moor, all off-road until you reach the outskirts of Cookham at Strande Lane. From there we head the short distance to the centre of Cookham Rise on road where you will find the station and several cafes and shops.

The route then heads through a park to link up with the same off-road route home.


This is where York Stream meets Bridge Road, since this photo was taken new flats are being built in the background


The Cut waterway by The Moor


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