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Cycle: Maidenhead to Dorney and Eton on Jubilee River

Posted in Cycling from Maidenhead on Tuesday 12 May 2020

This is an easy cycling route that takes you from Maidenhead to the outskirts of Eton using the Jubilee River (the River Thames flood alleviation channel).

Much of the route is off-road on compacted ground. Some quiet roads are used where there is no alternative. The route is suitable for all bikes and all abilities. There is an option to stop at Eton - plenty of refreshment opportunities before the ride home.


Route map - click to view the route on the Strava website

The Basics

Length: 10 km / 6 miles each way
Time: About 45 minutes each way
Type: Off-road
Bikes: Any
Difficulty: Easy
Hills: None

Route Description

Starting at the railway station in central Maidenhead, we take NCN 4 (National Cycle Network route 4) towards the East, which takes us along the side of Braywick Park. Then we head towards Bray on a quiet road. After Bray we head up and over the M4 on the only minor incline on the route. Then we head over the River Thames on a shared path footbridge. Another short section of road leads us to where we join the Jubilee River on a shared compacted gravel path. We travel along this peaceful man-made waterway where no powered craft are allowed. We turn away from the river and head towards the outskirts of Eton. When getting to the road and turning right (along the shared path footway), you have an option to turn left instead and head into Eton where you will find coffee shops and pubs.

On the way back we hug the River Thames and pass by St Mary Magdalene Church, Boveney, which is worth popping in if it's open. This tiny chapel dates back to the 12th century. Heading home, we skirt around the edge of Dorney Lake, a 2 km long rowing lake which was the setting for the rowing events at the London 2012 Olympics. From the entrance to the lake we head home the same way we came, over the river bridge and through Bray.


A weir along the Jubilee River


A family cycles along the Jubilee River


The Jubilee River on a bright frosty winter morning


St Mary Magdalene Church, Boveney


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